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Jamie's New Stuff Page

Here is where I'll just put some links to significant new things I add to my pages, to help make it easier to find them. Some things may not get added, and it may not always be entirely up to date, so it doesn't hurt to browse around. :-)

Tiny Toons Misc. Picture page
New animated GIF of Babs from the "Respect" video! (6/7/09)

Acorn Central TTA Updates Announcements Mailing List
The updates mailing list at Listbot has shut down and is now moved to Yahoo! Groups. (7/30/01)

Yes, as you likely already noticed, this is a new site for my pages! At least while I test it out, and see if there are any problems (if pages load slow for people, or troubles connecting, or if @Home complains about bandwidth used). I've been a long time at the Msen site, and that one will stay there as a possible backup as well as to forward people to here, for the time being. If you have any problems with this site, please feel free to let me know! (4/10/00)
UPDATE: Acorn Central now lives on my new domain! (3/1/03)

The Moves:

Muck-A-Rama! page
Updated all the addresses and information on the Mucking page. (2/14/00)

Tiny Toons Calendar page
Now the Year 2000 version of the popular and very good 1999 Tiny Toons Calendar is out! So far mainly the January page, but as more images are made available then more pages will too. Notification of updates will be posted here and on the TTA Updates Announcements Mailing List. (1/2/00)

Role Playing page
A whole new section! And entirely, so far, as a placeholder to put my new Dice Roller javascript program in. :-) (6/13/99)

Tiny Toons main page
Play "Squash and Stretch!" - Another RealAuido file! (5/18/99)

Tiny Toons main page
Play the Tiny Toon theme song in RealAuido! (7/28/98)

Tiny Toons Finished Picuture page
New color drawings: One of Babs and one of Buster. (7/14/98)

Tiny Toons Misc. Picture page
New color picture of Babs! Nice one too. (7/14/98)

Tiny Toons Character Audition/Background page
Added GIF image versions of the PostScript files so those without PostScript access can now print them as they should appear as well. (1/29/98)

Tiny Toons Fun Center! page
New 'Tiny Toon Slots' game I made learning JavaScript! (11/26/97)
Also a TTA Concentration game there too!

My PGP Public Key
My personal data for secure transmissions over the internet. (9/8/97)

Albany AnthroCon 1997
Photos from when I was at the AAC in Albany, NY over July 4th through the 6th. It was a fun time! (7/10/97)
[Photos not online at this time, but can view other photos either my original photo gallery or where I have my newer photo gallery right now.

Tiny Toons Misc. Picture page
New color pics of Fifi, Shirley, and Montana Max! Check them out. (5/16/97)

Tiny Toons Finished Picuture page
New, cleaner, brighter version of my Amazing Babs picture. (4/24/97)

Tiny Toons Model Sheets page
The Tiny Toons character model sheets as used to design the characters for television animation! The entire page is new. (1/7/97)

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