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Jamie's TTA Misc. Pics: Character Model Sheets

Here's a little something special! The Tiny Toon Adventures character model sheels for a select group of the gang. These are first season, though there wasn't much change, not always complete, sometimes touched up, and not the highest of resolution; but what the hey, we're here for fun and enjoyment, and these should fall well within that catagory. And just one more must-have for the dedicated toonster. :-)

I'm working on these as I make the page, so things should be filling in fairly regularly for a bit, at least. (1/7/97)

Click on an image for the full sized view.


[Babs Bunny]

Babs Bunny

My favorite bun! This is missing one viewpoint, the straight from the side one. (1/7)

[Buster Bunny]

Buster Bunny

Mister Blue Ears himself. :-) (1/8)

[Calamity Coyote]

Calamity Coyote





[Fifi LaFume]

Fifi LaFume

A little reorganized and touched up in a couple of spots, but not too much. (1/7)



Our most lovable, if unlucky, kitty! A real nice collection of Furrball models. (1/11)

[Hamton J. Pig]

Hamton J. Pig


[Mary Melody]

Mary Melody

"Hey great, a Web cameo! Am I getting paid for this?" (1/12)

[Montana Max]

Montana Max

"Well you can just forget about your check - I was promised every penny made from this lousy page! Now why haven't I gotten anything yet??"(1/14)

[Plucky Duck]

Plucky Duck


[Shirley The Loon]

Shirley The Loon





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