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PGP Info for Jamie

PGP stands for Pretty Good Privacy. It provides for both the means to 'sign' a document to reliably show it was from you and has not been tampered with, and also the means to protectively encrypt your messages so that only those you specificy can read them at all.

For further info on PGP, go to the MIT distribution site for PGP.

My Personal Data:

I have two keys. Both are currently of the 'DSS/Diffie-Hellman' type, and can be looked up at the MIT keyserver port 11371 directly, or via WWW at the PGP Public Key Directory, as well as right below.

Data for my first PGP key:

     Name:        Jamie Wilmoth
     Key ID:      0xD05F22CB
     Fingerprint: FAA5 96B7 D576 43CD B7D9  FC9C 17F2 3F2C D05F 22CB
     Public Key:  Click here


Data for my second PGP key:

     Name:        Squirrelly
     Key ID:      0xAA3E32DB
     Fingerprint: 1FFE 0777 8193 31B0 D5F5  462C 7E49 9E03 AA3E 32DB
     Public Key:  Click here


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