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Jamie's Tiny Toon Picture Collection

Here is where you'll find my more finished, cleaned up works relating to Tiny Toons -- at least in most cases. :-)
Special thanks to Paul Osze for helping getting many of these and some others scanned for me once again.
More will be posted as available.

Babs Framed #1

[Babs Picture](85K) (sml=34K) *NEW* (7/14/98) Who framed Babs.. oops, wrong rabbit. Actually one of two pose ideas I have for Babs in a frame. I was going to make them for something to hang on my wall, drawn on some very large paper, to look like those pictures you often see in cartoons where they project outside the frame. Kevin from the TTA FanFic Mailing List had wanted some images from various artists, so I finished this one as well as made up a new one of Buster.

Buster Waving

[Buster Picture](37K) *NEW* (7/14/98) And this is the other part of the image for Kevin, make up from scratch to go with the Babs image above. Maybe I'll make up a better background for it sometime, like leaning against a tree by his rabbit hole.

Amazing Babs

[Babs Picture](87K) [Babs Picture (Wide)](36K) Babs from "The Amazing Three" this time blows us a kiss! This is one of my favorites that I've worked on. Was originally for an on-line calendar Paul Osze and I worked on. It was going to also have Shirl' and Fifi blowing us a Valentine's kiss along with Babs, but time ran out -- They wouldn't put off February for us. :-) The second image is the first image widened to 640 across for some viewers that had trouble with unusual proportions, as well as reduced to 16 colors also.
Now in THX!

[Babs Picture](91K) (sml=11K) And the back view I made of the above, without a background (or would that be foreground??) so far. It's as an exact reverse match I could make. I used it to print out and iron the two images (with white background for both) on the front and back of a T-shirt. Way cool. :-)

Cool Babs

[Babs Picture](118K) (sml=17K) Babs kicks back in class, looking good. A bit more recent work of mine and another that I really like, as well as a more original work than my Amazing Babs one.

Native Babs

[Babs Picture (color)](264K) (sml=30K) [Babs Picture](28K) (sml=10K) Finally the colored and inked versions of that naive.. er native Babs from "No Toon is an Island". The original drawing for this is available on the sketches/doodles page.

Queen Bee Babs

[Babs Picture](30K) (sml=13K) This is actually mainly a sketch I scanned and cleaned and colorized on the computer; but even if not quite a fully finished work I felt it fitted in here. (``..they can't see, what you mean to me...'')

Head-Banging Babs

[Babs Picture](50K) (sml=15K) This was originally a quick sketch to see if I liked the outfit idea I had. It turned out good enough that I kept it as the final sketch. Then I did a quick inking to test out a different way of inking, and I liked that as well. Ya' just get lucky sometimes. :-) I used to have a computer colorized version of this, but not sure if it's around anywhere anymore.

[Babs Picture (color)](48K) (sml=22K) NOW AVALIALBE in COLOR! (12/1/96)

Oo La La, Fifi!

[Fifi Picture](44K) (sml=13K) (B&W=19K) Just a little Fifi I worked on, just for a change of pace I suppose. :-) (color version 12/1/96)

Hope you enjoyed! Feel free to let me know what you think of any of them.

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