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Acorn Central: Muck-A-Rama!

Here you'll find connections to many of the multi-user text-based virtual realities called MUCKs that you might find me around on. On them you can interact in real time with up to hundreds of others on the same system at one time, explore large, intricate virtual worlds, and spend many hours without even realizing it. :-)
Square One: The mucks themselves.
Click on an address to connect to a particular MUCK and join the action there. If you don't already have a character where you connect, most all should allow you to enter 'conn guest guest' to join in as a visitor.
Or click on the suitable 'Web Page' button to view information about your MUCK of choice.
Muck Address Web Page
----------------- ---------------------- ----------
Furtoonia : 9999
Connect with JavaMucker!
Connect with The Mud Connector
Web Page
FurryMUCK : 8889 Web Page
Unbridled Desires : 8888
Connect with JavaMucker!
Request a Character
Web Page
The Den : 8888
Connect with JavaMucker!
Request a Character
Web Page
S. P. R. : 23
Request a Character
Web Page (alt) (alt2)
RealmsMUCK : 7765 Web Page
DruidMuck : 4201 Web Page

(Animal Nation is no longer running.)
(Brazilian Dreams is no longer running to my knowledge.)
(Above data updated 9/5/10)

The RealmsMUCK web page beginner's guide has a nice definition of 'What is a MUCK?' amoung other items.

An automated regular check of what the status is of a few select MUCKs. If having troubles getting on-line, or just curious, select this to see what's running smoothly and what's not.

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