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Jamie's Tiny Toon Misc. Picture Collection

These are pretty much any other Tiny Toon pictures I have; for the most part, ones I didn't make myself. This can include drawings by other people, or scans of various things and the like.
As usual, more will be posted as available.

Character Model Sheets

[Babs Model] Check out images of the model sheets used to draw the best television animated series!

Character Audition Sheets

[Group Picture] This will bring you to a full selection of the B&W pictures from the TTA Audition and Character Background sheets.

Copier Jam

[Animated Babs Picture] (184K) *NEW* (6/7/09) Babs Bunny jammin' to Aretha Franklin's "Respect," as seen in "Tiny Toons Music Television," while making photocopies of her face. :-) Now in an animated gif format! And it comes in a varity of flavors: The big full sized, full frame, animated photocopier Babs image (644K). The smaller, half sized version of same (184K). A slim version (373K) that trims the image down to just Babs, and small sized slim version (80K), perhaps good for banner-like placement on a web page or something.
This actually took a good bit more work than I expected, but certainly don't mind for a new Babs pic! The original image had a lot of small "jitter" and subtle changes from frame to frame. Not much to the naked eye, but making the animated gif multiple megs in size. Cleaned up, extracted just the parts needed for each frame, and put them over a clean, steady background. Worth it though, for the much better end result!
On a side note, I think her skirt looks lot longer than normal in this shot too. :-)

Alluring Babs

[Babs Picture] (66K) (7/14/98) A version of Babs I rather liked, so made a scan, cleaned it up, and colorized it, doing so on the computer as I did with the TTA Sings images below. I've also made this into a desktop background image with a starfield behind her. I love it. :-) Perhaps I'll release that too sometime if people want.

Tiny Toons Sing Images

[Fifi Pic](98K) (sml=35K) [Shirley Pic](82K) (sml=33K) [Monty Pic](93K) (sml=33K)
A few images originally B&W (that's Blue and White in this case) line art on the back of the insert with the "Tiny Toons Sing" casette tape, then colorized on the computer by me. Using some new (for me) drawing and shading techniques and tools, these are the first computer colored images done by me that I feel can stand up well to my hand-colored drawings. So hopefully you'll like them too, as there's a good chance it's what I'll be using more in the future as well. :-)

Cheerleader Babs

[Babs Picture] (11K) Just a little something extra I scanned up and am still fixing up, but its current state still looks good. It's a cheerleading Babs, and really cute. :-) [B&W, dither shading, in progress.]

[Babs Picture] (12K) Finally all cleaned up and colorized as well to match the original image as best as possible. It came out nice, and of course Babs makes a really cute cheerleader! :-)

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