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Jamie's "Furry Brigade" Pictures

Here is where where you can find pictures of various 'furries' I have drawn over time, which don't fit into a more specific group (e.g. any of the Tiny Toons gang).


[Glinda pic](37K) (sml=11K) Glinda (from FurryMUCK). {drawing}


[Squirrelly pic](94K) (sml=22K) Squirrelly (from FurryMUCK/Furtoonia/etc). This version had had a lot of 'background noise' cleaned up, resulting in over a 1/3 file size reduction, as well as looking a lot cleaner and sharper. Also the color was enhanced and the sky and character colorized. {finished/color}

Family Picture

[Babs/Dot/Squirrelly pic (grayscale)] (77K) (sml=24K) [Babs/Dot/Squirrelly pic](35K) (sml=11K) [a previous] Babs, Squirrelly, and Dot from FurryMUCK. I get a bunch of positive comments about this one, but it's one of my least favorite 'finished' works as far as being happy with my drawing quality. I think they just like Dot or something. :-) {finished/grayscale}

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